Race FAQ’s

Here, we will have all of the answers to life…..well, mostly about this race actually.

race faq page


Can I run with my dog?

Sorry, no.  Don’t get us wrong, we like dogs, but with so many people trying to run at the same time,it is not safe for the humans nor your dog.  This policy applies to all animals including, but not limited to cats, hamsters, gerbils, alligators, salamanders, yetis, zebras, monkeys and moles.  Husbands are allowed but please put them on a leash if they have a tendency to chase squirrels.


Is there race day Registration?


Race Day Registration opens at 7:30 am

Cost on race day is $30. and a tshirt is not guaranteed.

What is the best spot for Spectators?

Just about anywhere on the course is fine.   Also, please get off the trail before the start of the race so that the trail will be clear by the time the runners come through.

Can I run with a runner Stroller?

Yes & No.

We do ask that you start near the back of the pack for you, your child’s and your fellow runner’s safety.   

Keep in mind that only half of the trail is stroller friendly.  After the first 1.5 miles, the trail can get thin and pretty bumpy.  

You are welcome to come with a runner stroller, but know that you will likely only be able to complete 1/2 the course.


How Safe is this trail?

If you are talking about terrain, then very safe.  It is mostly a paved trail with some dirt sections that have the typical rocks and roots.

If you are talking about creepy people or animals, then again, this is very safe.  The entire area is surrounded by the city, so there are no bears or alligators that will be stalking you.  There are lots of squirrels, but they tend to be rather well behaved.  Just dont smell like an acorn & you should be ok.  It is in the morning with daylight, so this should cut the chances of any creepy people lurking, but do keep your vigilance and be aware of your surroundings. You will likely be with a few hundred other runners, so you should be ok.  This is a very safe park in general.

What kind of Sneakers should I wear?

This is a packed gravel and natural trail.  There are no climbs and as long as there is not a lot of rain the week before, there should not be any deep or long muddy areas.  A typical running sneaker with good traction should be just fine.  If you have trail shoes, they can’t hurt.  We recommend leaving the track shoes at home though.

Is there plenty of Parking?

Yes.  The park has plenty of free parking.

What is the raffle all about?

We have many generous businesses in the area that support our group.  Many have donated products and services for you to win via the purchase of raffle tickets.  ALL proceeds go to support Vision International Missions.  

The raffle will be right after the awards to the race.  

You can purchase raffle tickets on the day of the race.

So, by donating a few more dollars to an orphan, you could end up with a spa treatment!!

 Win/ win for everyone!!

Do you have the past years’ Results?

Yes, here they are:



What will the weather be like?

It is mid September in NH.  It could be 70F or 25F.  The last 2 years it has hovered right @ 40-50F, which is perfect running weather.  Please check the forecast a few days before and come prepared.

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